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My 25-things list: truly, what doesn’t matter.

Today I turned 51. Holy cow; I’m on the downside of a century. How did that happen? But when I really think about it, today there was a profound difference. Even though the number seems hard to comprehend, I didn’t … Continue reading

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Stiff upper lip or denial? Or something else?

Don’t make the pain pretty with the theory of gratitude; be hurt, be pissed, be furious, be weak. Be where it’s ugly and uncomfortable — without adding sweetener to it. Spare yourself the karmic explanations, the family of origin connections, the “it’s all … Continue reading

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Sharing the bad news – My Messy Beautiful

And so it was, that mid-November diagnosis of breast cancer. The numbness. The terror. The oh-fuck-what-do-I-tell-my-girls? Because at 10 and 13, they didn’t deserve to have their world rocked. And it certainly wasn’t in a good rock-it-out kind of way. You see, … Continue reading

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All it takes is a phrase.

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Unwrap me. Unwrap you.

“You must see that all beings are just beings. . . and that all the wrappings of personality and role and body are the coverings. Your attachments are only to the coverings, and as long as you are attached to someone … Continue reading

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