And then she was 14.

Claire is 14.

This girl of mine, not entirely mine, this girl of the world. She of another mother and mine all the same. She is at once sweet and surly, kind and impatient, brilliant and sorely incapable of discarding her trash.

She is mine, not entirely mine.

And today – or as close as we know it – she is 14. Long-limbed, questioning, always listening to (or playing) music, she beguiles me. It makes sense that her roots are Hunan, for she is full to brimming with spice.

Superlatives simply are not enough. Not enough to describe her and certainly not enough to hold her. It occurs to me that she’s two-thirds of the way to 21. And I think, how can it be? Wasn’t I just handing her baby-self, all gangly and gnat-bitten, a Cheerio while sitting cross-legged on a Hunan hotel carpet? Wasn’t she just wide-eyed at her big sister, seemingly after days-on-a-plane, locking on to her like a heat-seeking missile? Wasn’t she just in elementary school, hefting a trombone much bigger than she?

And where will she go from here?

She is a delight, occasionally a challenge (as is her teenaged obligation), and always an honor to parent, this girl of mine.

Mine, not entirely mine, this girl of the world.

Claire 14

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5 Responses to And then she was 14.

  1. Cindi Mikulik says:

    Beautifully said! These souls are entrusted to us — we are given a short time to guide them– and then we must release them to the world. All in the blink of an eye.

  2. Lisa says:

    I love this…

  3. nancy rizzo says:

    okay. that had me in tears. It Is Dante Poetic. Oh Claire. . . can’t wait to see your Journey. . . Blessings – may her every manifest come true!

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