Coming alive.

But what if the prince is meant to be a metaphor? Justine Musk

A metaphor for what, I thought. And then I read the rest of the passage. . . .

When you fight your way through painful experience, when you descend into your personal underground and come back up into the light, when you retreat from the world into a kind of slumber, a waking dream, to assimilate your truth and grow strong enough to carry it: what if the prize for all of this, for getting through to the other side, isn’t a man on a white horse with a feathered hat on his oversized head, but a more integrated sense of self, and a vision for your future that makes you come alive?  

This has become my definition of Transformation.

Slowly. One step at a time.

Seeing. But not entirely discerning the vision.

Yet, it is there.

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2 Responses to Coming alive.

  1. Sounds much more promising than royalty!

  2. Nancy Rizzo says:

    Exactly. Been there. Didn’t know it when I was knee deep and up to my eyeballs, but when I got to the other side eventually – it was like an “I come from another planet” feeling. . . lotsa love xxoo blessings 🙂

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