Doing the work.

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.  -Carlos Castenada

Whew, now, isn’t this the truth? Like T r u t h with a capital T.


Some always will believe their glass is half-empty. It won’t ever change. Somehow as more drops are added, the existing drops seem to evaporate. These folks feel like they can never catch up; the world is against them. It’s almost as if they find comfort in their world-view of unyielding harm, or drama, or martyrdom.

And yet there are others who, when faced with considerable – nay, even insurmountable – odds, choose a different sort of perspective. They’re not deceived, they’re not addle-brained. They see quite clearly what there is to be seen: the obstacle before them, monster though it may appear. But they choose a different point of view, a different perspective.

Depending on the kind of challenge, they may choose to fight the good fight. Or they may choose to surrender and accept the ride for what it is. They even may choose to look deeply at themselves as a means of learning what more there is to be learned.

Month to month, day to day, or even hour to hour, I think, we have a choice. And it’s up to us to choose wisely. To reflect. To breathe. To do the work.

After all, at least we’ve got a glass.


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One Response to Doing the work.

  1. Denise Luka says:

    This particular post truly resonates with me. Your blog continues to inspire me to do better…to be better, in all arenas of the game we call life…Like GAME, with a capital G and LIFE, with a capital L. Your positive energy is contagious! Bless you.

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