Firsts, and all that they mean.

I am here to live out loud. ~Emile Zola

New schools and teams. New bands and choruses. New subjects and topics. New employees. New clients. New organizations and responsibilities.

New chapters.


The newness echoes, reminding me of the passing of time. I’m drawn to lament it. Aren’t we all, at least to some degree? And then, another reminder, this one more acute. More purposeful. More adamant.

Of course it passes.

It’s meant to pass. Meant to be this way. It’s the order of things. Of life. Stopping, braking, digging in, all of it is futile. All of it is senseless.

Because of course time passes. As it should. Time passing means Firsts, and Firsts mean energy and blessings and opportunity.

Firsts = Life


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