Happy good fortune day.

Good fortune and bad luck are always tied together with invisible, unbreakable thread. -Alice Hoffman, Survival Lessons

BlueThreadDo we have cancer-surgery anniversaries? Is that unseemly? Perhaps so, but I’m in the other camp. I think it’s okay, well, at least for the first month. And it’s okay to celebrate good fortune even when it’s inextricably tied to bad luck. Or luck of the draw.

For me, today marks one month of cancer-free healthful living. Hasn’t been the easiest 30 days of my life, not by a long shot. But it’s been the first 30 days of cancer-free living I’ve had in I-don’t-really-know-how-long.

You see, cancer tumors don’t come with carbon dating. So I have no way of knowing how long I housed them. Which seems odd since I never felt, physically, like there was anything wrong with me. I never would have known they were there, but for my good fortune.


Spending some time with my life coach, Nancy Rizzo, reminded me of that good fortune. Of making decisions that turned out to be life-saving. Of having earth-bound angels paving the way each step of my journey. Of cutting-edge medicine. Of physicians who cared enough to confer, not lecture or dismiss.

As I write this, at sunset, it’s almost exactly the time of day when I first recall being lucid (as it were) after surgery. My sisters were with me. Friends were in the waiting area. One of my physicians stopped in to chat. I was awake, alive, and I had every reason to believe the cancer was gone.

It was gone.

It is gone. 

Good fortune, indeed.

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  1. Ninosmom says:

    So thrilled that one month has passed and … So much has happened, been revealed and been resolved. Serendipity I say!!!!

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