I can see it so clearly now.

You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you. ~Joseph Campbell

It was magical.


Meeting up with eight soul sisters in a house on a beach in perhaps what was the very farthest corner of the country from my home. A trains-planes-and-automobiles destination (well, two of the three for sure). Pulling cards. Seeing feathers. Drinking red wine. Beautiful fruit dipped in dark chocolate.


Each came with an offering, a gift of herself to guide, share, inspire. Coming from wildly different circumstances: parts of the country, families, careers, backgrounds and upbringing, we gathered.

We’ve spent some time together before, these soul sisters of mine. Each time I come away with a fresh perspective, a well of gratitude, and a deep knowing that I am exactly where I’m meant to be in this world.


And there was time, a huge expanse of it, on Sunday morning.

Vision-away-the-day time.

Making pages. Finding secret messages just for me. Pure magic.


For me, visioning has opened up the Universe. When I look back at the pages I created just a year ago, I find myself staring at my current life. At the dreams. The ones that I created.

Find the magic of your visions. Manifest your own truth, your knowing.

Join us each month to vision and gather. Next workshop is February 25th.



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3 Responses to I can see it so clearly now.

  1. tspletcher says:

    Love this. And you. And this wild, amazing path you are on. xo

  2. deeluka says:

    Love this post…love Campbell…his work taught me about slaying the dragon of status quo. Just when my mouth is curved down, you come out of nowhere with words of wisdom that inspire me and encourage me to curve my mouth upward…I am starting to see much more clearly 🙂

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