Life holds such beauty even [especially] in the face of pain.

Nothing speaks louder than your heart. Listen to what it’s telling you.  –Georgia Cates, Beauty from Pain


There’s a place I occasionally visit on the Buffalo waterfront. It’s usually quiet during the morning hours. There are views of the river, a lighthouse, some retired ships and wildlife.

When I visit, it’s typically because I need to process something: a conflict, some confusion, a deep hurt, a challenge. Being near the water somehow lightens the oppressive feelings and the beginnings of clarity peek through.

And it holds such beauty, even in the face of pain. Especially, perhaps, in the face of pain.

IMG_5432 IMG_5440

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4 Responses to Life holds such beauty even [especially] in the face of pain.

  1. Nancy Rizzo says:

    looks like a portal to Heaven – a direct chat line. strange little blue dot on both photos. . . an orb? lotsa love xxxx & bless you 🙂

  2. Melissa Frank says:

    So proud of you, Lisa! I’m still wrapping my head around my own diagnosis this year — how the hell did I get HERE??? As I approach follow up exam number two this week and the anxiety that goes with it starts expanding in my chest, I’ll be checking in on your beautiful blog for a little inspiration and a well-timed f-bomb! Sending love and positivity — Miss

  3. Lisa says:

    Love you, Miss, so much. xo

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