On the eve.

“Anticipating pain was like enduring it twice. Why not anticipate pleasure instead?”  -Robin Hobb, Renegade’s Magic


Although I only recently read this passage, the concept is oh-so-familiar to me.  I think about it a lot, in fact.

I think about it when there’s something coming down the pike that I know won’t be terribly fun (read: I’m dreading it).

So now I think: so what? What’s the worst that can happen?

Well, it might not work out. I may feel embarrassed. Others could look down on my effort, or on me for that matter.

I. could. fail.

And then I ask again: so what?  It’s in that second {so what?} where I think the truth, the soul center, lies.

Because if you truly and deeply can say that the so what? doesn’t matter anymore, then there’s peace. And positivity.


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5 Responses to On the eve.

  1. Nora O'Dea says:

    Lisa – if what you’re worrying about is what I think it is, call me. I did it already and I’m pleased with the results! Nora

  2. jenny says:

    this is such a great perspective! thank you for sharing <3

  3. Lesley says:

    You will not fail. No one of any consequence will judge and if they do who gives a rats patootie? It will hurt but it will be worth it and I for one will envy your perkiness. I am sending love and light and all of the healing goodness I can muster. Feel better and know you are loved.

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