Instead of being discouraged by opposition, be encouraged by it, knowing that on the other side of that difficulty is a new level of your destiny.  ~Joel Osteen


I love the notion of being encouraged by opposition.  As a litigator by training, opposition is second nature to me. Often, in fact almost by definition, opposition is at the heart of a lawsuit. We have advocates and adversaries, points and counter-points, winners and losers.

We fight for a living. Of course we do.

Sometimes, though, the fight isn’t a wise choice. It’s then that riding out the opposition makes the most sense. Whether it’s a steep hill to climb or a wave to crest, sometimes – just sometimes – the better option is to breathe into the opposition, still the reflexive action, and simply be encouraged by the path that it’s carving for you.

Because often, especially in those times when we can’t see directly around the next corner, that path leads to grace.


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