Showing up.

“Keep showing up. Keep showing up to your canvas, to your novel, to your memoir, to your guitar, to your yoga mat, to the dance floor, to the floor of your closet, to the forest, to your bike, to your running shoes. Keep showing up to your craft – whatever it is – keep showing up.”   ~Tanya Lee Markul

Recently, I was encircled by the spirit that is known as Serendipity by the Sea.


Part workshop, part art class, part gastronomic extravaganza, and part slumber party, Serendipity’s co-creators bring together women from all over the U.S. and Canada for four full days of wonderment.




Spending time in the glorious Outer Banks during the off-season, when the sun is bright and the air is mild, is like medicine from the Universe.


Learning from some of the country’s most profound and creative women is a gift.




And having the opportunity to meet and get to know gorgeous spirits whose paths never otherwise would have crossed mine is like a super-extra-special package tied with a sparkly ribbon.


It’s showing up and being nourished in every way. Nourishment for the soul.


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