Sometimes it’s the same moments that take your breath away that breathe purpose and love back into your life.

~Steve Maraboli

A couple of months ago I keynoted at a women’s event. My message can be boiled down into something pretty darn simple :: stop and take a moment for yourself at least once a day. I suggested strategies for doing this and explained how it had worked for me during difficult times.

And then I promptly forgot it. I mean, I completely forgot my own advice.

I didn’t stop. Not for a day, an hour, or even a moment. Looking back, it seems as if there always were things to do, a business to run, volunteer responsibilities to fulfill, a family to tend to.

And that’s all good. In fact, it’s terrific and it’s how it should be, and I’m really oh-so-grateful for the richness it all brings.

But I want – no, I need – to #takeamoment.


I need to stop. Stay stationary. Observe. Breathe. Because, you see, I’m about to embark on an extraordinary adventure. Which I know will be fast-paced, unusual, super-duper foreign, and full of rich experiences.

As I finally start to pack (at T-19 hours), I realize that I need to stop. And write. And breathe. And feel the discomfort which tightly hugs the excitement. Both are present.

And that’s okay.

So here’s to taking a moment wherever we are. Tossing clothes into the dryer. Working on a spreadsheet. Pulling weeds. Boarding a plane.

Breathe. Be there. Absorb. Don’t just push through.

Listening to my own advice this time. As I prepare.

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