The gift of stranger-friends.

Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. -Blanche DuBois, “A Streetcar Named Desire”

We all have them, don’t we? The people whom we know, though not terribly well; often we call them acquaintances. Sometimes they’re our neighbors; we see them shoveling snow or mowing the lawn; we visit with them at block parties or infrequent get-togethers along the way.IMG_5278

Or maybe they’re business associates, co-members in one business-related organization or another, folks we run into during a cocktail hour or a networking event. Or perhaps our paths have crossed because of our children being in school, sports, band, chorus, or whatever-else together.

And sometimes, they’re true strangers, like the secretary in the pathology department who goes the extra yard [nay, football field] to make something you need happen quickly and with a smile in her voice.

What a blessing these people are in our lives. What a shame that life moved so damn quickly that I forgot to stop long enough to savor their presence [presents] before now. Yet what an incredible gift to know that they care, that they reach out, that they do or say or pray something just a little extra, something beyond the norm of their day-to-day busy lives, for me.

How extraordinary to have the opportunity to learn this, to now know this deep, deep in my soul. What amazing, crazy, life-affirming gifts I keep receiving.

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4 Responses to The gift of stranger-friends.

  1. Adrienne Rothstein Grace says:

    Mysterious Karma places this wisdom in such a strange package.

  2. thebonbon27 says:

    Love the quote and your writing! Big hugs.

  3. thebonbon27 says:

    Love the quote and your writing! Big hugs, Bon

  4. Nancy Rizzo says:

    Open to receive, on your “soul”-u-lar level (horrible pun there I know) – look out – seems like you’ve got a direct line and a Boomerang – it certainly is what you give to others! lotsa love xxoo thoughts, prayers, positivity, endless energy, bless you 🙂

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