The gift of time.

People are doing the best they can, mostly. There is always more to all of it than I can see clearly. And who cares about right? I just want some peace for me and others. –Glennon Melton


My last grandmother died this week. She was 102 and, to me, there’s no cause for sadness, for a life long and well-lived.

Yet it made me stop to think about the passage of time. How fast it furiously flies. And how I hope for you – for all of us – that we’ll find the gift in the time we’ve been given.

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3 Responses to The gift of time.

  1. deeluka says:

    Thank you for your continued words of inspiration…you lift me up! Sending positive energy to you and yours, as you reflect on the long, well-lived life of your grandmother.

    Peace… (Sigh)…

  2. Jill says:

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your grandmother Lisa. I know that you will all celebrate her life and the wonderful times you shared. Take care….

  3. Amy says:

    That is so well said!!! I was trying to say the same thing to my brother – though not nearly as eloquently – when we were leaving your grandmother’s funeral. She would have been so proud of all of you today. Your reading was wonderful, the kids did a perfect job bringing up the gifts and Julie’s eulogy was amazingly beautiful. Lots of hugs to your family and you

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