The sun will come out…

ImageAt the time of the winter solstice, December 21st, the sun rose here in Western New York at 7:17 am and set at 4:32 pm.

Today, the sun rose at 7:19 am and set at 4:49 pm. Although it rained and was overcast all day, generally windy and crappy weather, we’ve gained 15 minutes of daylight since the solstice.

The gathering of daylight. Increase of daytime. More light vs. less dark. Somehow it seems meaningful to me.


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2 Responses to The sun will come out…

  1. Ninosmom says:

    Pop Pop always said, “The days are getting longer.”

  2. Nancy Rizzo says:

    Spring is coming to begin again. . . .it’s whispering in your ear 🙂 xxoo lotsa love, thoughts, prayers, positivity, endless energy. . . zoom zoom zoom. . . bless you 🙂

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