The how was not my job.

When you are brave enough to sink into your deepest longing, you will move through the fear and discomfort of not knowing “how,” of not believing it’s possible, to understanding why you want what you want. And then. . . you will make choices. You will make big moves. I dare you to move. ~Melissa Mulligan

Sometimes it’s right there. In front of your face. Outside your back door. In your neighborhood. In your blood.

Present in your long-ago visions.


And yet you doubt it, wondering ceaselessly about the how. Obsessing over considering the consequences, the challenges, the inevitable hurdles.

But then you think about it again, and your heart sings.

P9175929And you know, deep down, the rightness of it all.

The integrity that spills over, carving a swath wide and long. The creativity. The light.

Humor and spreadsheets and shovels and sun shine. Grace and pickups and relationships and mulch.

Being the guide. Accepting guidance.

Spring is right around the corner.



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  1. I’m loving the crossed-out “Obsessing over.”

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