Unwrap me. Unwrap you.

“You must see that all beings are just beings. . . and that all the wrappings of personality and role and body are the coverings. Your attachments are only to the coverings, and as long as you are attached to someone else’s covering you are stuck, and you keep them stuck, in that attachment.” -Ram Dass, Be Here Now


I have a love/hate relationship with Ram Dass. I love to read his words.

They’re so profound, yet often so perplexing.

And when I do, he makes me think. And think. And feel. And think some more. And, yes, feel some more.

This passage, particularly, bore into me. It made me think about all the attachments to all the people I’ve had in my life. And, more precisely, exactly what was I attached to?

Each was [and is] meant to be a lesson.

“Only when you can see the essence, can see God, in each human being do you free yourself and those about you. It’s hard work when you have spent years building a fixed model of who someone else is to abandon it, but until that model is superseded by a compassionate model, you are still stuck.”

So, then, every connection is meant to be. And every single one teaches us. Some are sweet, and others, unbearably difficult.

And the lesson, I guess, is once the coverings are removed piece by piece, we can see more clearly what it is we’re meant to know.

All of it.

Without being attached to the trappings, even – perhaps, especially – the painful pieces make sense as part of our soul-to-soul contract.

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  1. melmmvs says:

    I needed this today. Thank you. ❤️

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