What I know. . .

“Write about what you know.”   ~Cathy Zielske

What I know becomes different the moment I write about it. It becomes real. Tangible. I can feel it in the shivers.


Last week, I wrote ::

For me, visioning has opened up the Universe. When I look back at the pages I created just a year ago, I find myself staring at my current life. At the dreams. 

The ones that I created.

How does “real” become real-er? I don’t know the answer, but I know it happens. It’s as tangible as the wind whipping around the windows, the towering snow piles obscuring my view, the thanks of a woman outside the coffee shop, the bulbs that are ready to burst.

There is such beauty in this knowing. The warm shower of inspiration. The pouring of the toast.

As real as it gets.




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