When sleep is the only thing that matters

For those of us who’ve experienced life-changing events – cancer surgery, for example – it’s amazing to me how much restorative sleep actually is necessary. I’m not used to that, not one bit, and frankly, I’m not sure I like it so much.

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The sleep itself, sure, it’s grand. But the feeling of missing out… of an entire morning or afternoon gone…I’m just not sure I’m loving that right now.

It’s one of the “uncomfortables” as I’ve come to call them. Nothing serious or earth-shattering, nothing that feels like the end of the world. But, still, something out of the ordinary that shakes my normally I’m-in-charge personality.

I was warned about the need for sleep – lots of it.  I listened, but I’m not entirely sure that I heard those well-meaning folks. Instead I had visions of my recuperation spent at coffee shops, reading up on the stack of books I’ve been meaning to get to, maybe even doing some crafting, trying new recipes… nope, not a one of those has been accomplished since my surgery 2 weeks ago.

Believe me, I’m not exactly faulting myself. But still, I notice that this unwavering need for slumber is among the uncomfortables, yet another vulnerability I’d yet to experience in my life thus far.

Sigh. Lessons abound.

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One Response to When sleep is the only thing that matters

  1. Nancy Rizzo says:

    If I received your message and wisdom from your Part 3 Blog, than is it your Soul that’s doing all the hard work and only your physical body is resting and healing (and on break!)? xxoo lotsa love, thoughts, prayers, positivity, and endless energy. . . zoom zoom zoom. . . bless you 🙂

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